Muscatine Adventist Christian School

Application/Registration Fee


A fee of $100 is payable at time of application.  This fee will be applied to your child's registration fee of $275.  The remaining portion of the registration fee, $175, will be due on July 1, 2018.  This fee is used to pay for direct student expenses, such as student insurance, textbooks, and expendable workbooks. 





Tuition for the entire school year is $2500. Payments may be divided evenly over the ten months of the school year. Each payment is due on the first school day of the month from August to May.  To assist parents with the cost of tuition, we have several fundraising and scholarship options available.  Families who have more than one child enrolled at the same time may apply to the school board for special consideration with regard to tuition.

Parents sometimes feel that the expense of keeping their children in a private school is a particular challenge to them financially.  However, our tuition charge is only $62.50 per week. When compared with the cost of many child care facilities in the area, our tuition rates are very reasonable. In addition, your child is learning eternal values at our school, and no price tag can be placed on these values.  Our current parents appreciate the education their children are receiving as evidenced by the fact that we have a near 100% retention rate from year to year. 


We have several opportunities available to families for earning funds to help with tuition expenses. Partners for Eternity can provide up to $120 a month. A Magabook program can often earn enough to substantially subsidize or pay for tuition expense. We also offer a limited scholarship to a weekly volunteer school custodian. Other ideas are in place to assist parents as well. If you are particularly challenged financially, we invite you to discuss your situation with the teacher and the school treasurer.

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